There are some sports that we a know the rules, we know all of the moves, and we just know everything about them. In boxing, it’s a little different. If you are an avid boxing fan or familiar with boxing, you know the right hook, left hook, and the knockout. Of course, the main part of boxing, is the knockout. That’s the way the match normally ends, by knockout. When will we be able to see a real knockout, you may ask? The answer may be coming soon, in fact March 16th, you may witness a knockout when you watch the Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia fight live. So, what is a knockout punch anyway?

A knockout punch feels like you are overwhelmed with a feeling of being disoriented. When you are knocked out, you have blurry vision, your arms and legs are uncoordinated, balance is off, and your body is completely numb. When a boxer is being hit over and over, they will eventually be knocked out and unconscious. Its all related to your brain and its functioning.

The brain is the organ that controls everything our bodies do. It is soft and inside of our skulls. It is delicate and brittle and when you are knocked out, the brain is what is affected the most. Your brain goes through a lot of trauma when you are knocked out. Boxers are hit often in the face, the head, and this can affect your brain functioning. The brain is shaken up when a boxer is hit multiple times. This can cause our brain and brain stems to freeze during functioning. Eventually, your brain shuts down, you lose movements in your body, and then your body will restart. The knockout itself does not even hurt. There may be some pain felt on other parts of the body, but you are knocked out due to your brain being shaken around the skull.

When a boxer gets knocked out, they feel pain because they may have fallen on their head, or the concussion is causing some pain other places. Your brain must be active if you are going to feel pain. When you get hit, the brain is shocked from all the bouncing around in the skull. One key factor of the knockout punch is the way the head rotates after its hit. Its all about the angle in which the boxer is hit that causes the knockout.

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