How to Watch the Indy 500 on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV

It will be on May 25, when will be the start of the memorial weekend and so the Indy 500.NBC will be the official broadcasters after the ABC failed to secure coverage rights. This is the first time when the race will not be on ABC since 1965.

The good news is that NBC is accessible through the internet as well. This implies that no need to pay the hefty bills for cable or satellite TVs. Moreover, it also means that you will be able to access the Indianapolis 500 live online at the comfort of your sofa.

For sure, you will not be required to purchase an antenna, as there are many streaming services that can aid you to have access to the NBC online with no need either to sign in a long term contract.

Watch the Indy 500 on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV

Watch Indy 500 on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV

While the Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV come with internet capability, this makes it simple for any person who wants to access the Indy 500 online on these devices. With Roku, apple or Fire TV you can watch online TVs that have the NBC channel, which will cover this event.

Here are some of the options that you have

Hulu TV

This is a favorite online TV that is doesn’t cost a hefty subscription fee. For only $39.9, subscription fee per month you can access the number of channels including the NBC. This implies that you will be able to watch the Indy 500.

Sling TV

The next options that can facilitate you watch the Indy 500 on your Roku, Fire, or Apple TV, is sling TV. This online TV is accessible in packages. For our case, the orange +blue package is our perfect option. It has several channels including the NBC.

DirecTV Now

The DirecTV Now is also available in packages and Luckily NBC is available in most of its packages.

So with these channels, you have a guarantee to watch the motor racing like any other person using your Roku, apple, or Fire TV. You will only be required to have a reliable internet connection.

Last note

We are sure that you will able to feel the adrenaline of Indy 500 just from your Roku, apple, or fire TV regardless of your geographic location. With the above online TVs, enjoy your favorite motor racing.

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