National Football League (NFL): Dallas Cowboys

When the 2019-2020 NFL season begins, many Dallas Cowboy fans from all over will be super excited and ready for their team to have a winning season. The Dallas Cowboys did very well last year, and fans are hoping for much more than that. Dallas Cowboys fans want their team to bring home a Super Bowl trophy. When they watch Dallas Cowboys game live, they believe their team is the best and winning is what they are going to do.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have a great coach, coaching staff, and winning players who want to win every game. They strive to be the best and they are in a great position to win the NFC East and go into the playoffs.

Last year, the Dallas Cowboys were 10-6. They were first in the NFC East. Looking at their depth charts, they have a great team that’s full of strong and talented players. There are some injuries on the team that may cause a little bit of a shakeup for preseason but should be healthy before game one starts.

The Cowboys are keeping Ezekiel Elliott, which is the best decision that they can make. Elliott is the most important player on the Dallas Cowboys team. This running back needs to stay healthy and injury-free and the Cowboys will have a bigger chance at the Championship.

As of now, the Dallas Cowboys are ranked number six in the NFL, in 2018, they were ranked 30th. Dallas Cowboys have been predicted to very well this year. There are many ways to watch the Dallas Cowboys games live. For the most part, FOX will be broadcasting their games live. There will also be games on ESPN, CBS, ABC, and the NFL channel. It is going to be a fun and exciting season for the Cowboys and the NFL teams altogether.

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